In 2008, my son was diagnosed with what was then called, “ADHD Inattentive.” We discovered that diet and nutrition can be beneficial in this so we changed our diet. I was looking for healthier alternative snacks to give to my son. I started making almond brittle along with other things and my son loved it. As time went on, I started making brittle on holidays for the family or whenever I had the urge to make it, and that is how it stood for the next nine years.


 For the 2017 holiday season, my wife suggested making the brittle for my clients and colleagues as a holiday gift.    So, I did.  When people tasted the brittle, they would say how great it tasted and asked where I got it so they could get more! 

We then decided to start making brittle as a business, and "A Little Brittle Heaven" tm was born!

We hope you enjoy our product!



Right now we can only ship in New York State. In the future we will be expanding our reach. Stay tuned!